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How We Help

Sign-posting solutions and resources

Resources and recommendations to help you scale your business.

Start-up workshops

So you have an idea but have no idea where to start? We can help you build your business plan with our workshops that help you sell online, build a website and an online audience. 

The founders of Saint Aymes saw success with social media growing their business into an organic social media sensation as the prettiest cafe in London with 107K Instagram followers. Our workshops help you understand which platform is best for your business and how to build a content calendar, and get the most out of the apps and tools available to streamline content creation.

Funding advice

Money matters and is the biggest barrier to growth for women with 0.1% of private equity funding by value going to women. Whether you are looking for angel investment, seed funding, government-backed loans, or crowdfunding, we can help you prepare and connect with the financing option that is right for you.


Your network is your networth, but with women being the minority in rooms of finance and leadership it is all the more important for us to connect to offer support. 

One on One 
mentorship with
Michela & Lois

Are you struggling to find confidence & clarity?

Our founders are here to empower you to success with mentorship sessions.

Hello, We are Lois & Michela

And we are here to take you to the next level

Having gone from our kitchen to Selfridges in one year, then  from wholesale to retail, in the next year, we know a lot about scaling up home businesses as well as the challenges that come with it for women seeking to grow their businesses. And that is why we are here to build a community, sign-post resources and facilitate events that assist you in reaching your goals!


Partnerships & Features

Female founders Michela & Lois are winners of Parliaments MP Heroes Award, Precious Young Entrepreneurs of the Year Award & Voom Pitch To Richard Branson.  As mentors and speakers, they have spoken for TED x speakers, The Mayor of London, Google, the British Library & Publicis Group and Virgin Start-Up.  With an Apple New & Noteworthy podcast, they have also been featured on ITV's "I'll Give It a Year", which featured their start-up journey from kitchen to Selfridges, and Channel 5's documentary on gold, featuring their iconic golden Saint Aymes Cafe.

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What People Are Saying


My day with the high energy and inspiring ladies at Saint Aymes forced me to get back on the horse and share my products, designs and journey. 

Charlie - Sequin Souls

Female founders we have worked with

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