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A female-founded social enterprise committed to closing the gap for women & minorities across business, technology & finance


of UK private equity investments (by value) go to women 1


UK venture capital investments (by value) received by women 1


of US venture capital goes to female-only founder start-ups 3

61 %

Due to the disproportionate lack in investment, 61% of black female-led businesses are self-funded. "To create a more equitable environment, the finance community must recognise the biases that exist in investment assessment."- JP Morgan 3

Sources: Unbiased UK 1 , ICAEW 2 , JP Morgan  3 , Robert Half 4


Only 7 % of women hold other investments or unit trusts. Due to investing less, women's pension funds are 11% smaller than men's. 2


The number of businesses owned by Black women grew 50% from 2014 to 2019, representing the highest growth rate of any female demographic (US) 3

3 %

Due to disproportionate obstacles and access to funding,  despite the high start-up rate, only 3% of Black women in the US run mature businesses. (Maturation is widely recognised as a business surviving past five years.) 3


Just 9 of the FTSE 100 Companies have female CEOS 4


"Realising that we were not alone in our experience has made us committed to making the journey easier for others like us"

Founders Nominated for 2022
MP HERoes Award

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Founders Michela & Lois have been nominated by Westminster Conservative MP Nickie Aiken for the MP HERoes award. MP HERoes encourages, celebrates and supports female enterprise in every area of the UK. It highlights female entrepreneurship throughout the country and across all sectors and industries, linking each MP with a successful woman business owner in their constituency. With year-round activities, from high-profile media opportunities at Parliament to regional and local events. Supported by The Women & Enterprise All-Party Parliamentary Group


Your network is your net worth and that is why we place a high priority in connecting our demographic with people, technology solutions and services that can accelerate their career, business and money goals.

Development  &  Finance

Smart money builds legacy. Under-represented communities face unfortunate obstacles to building wealth due to a lack of start-up capital compounded by a lack of knowledge and support passed down through generations. We not only connect people to the funding they need to get off the ground, but the educational foundation and the consistent development to grow and maintain wealth.


Put simply you don't know what you don't know. Knowledge is the accelerator that ensures opportunity and funding are built upon, not squandered. From money management to technology and investment, training and up-skilling are integral to our offering. Enabling women and minorities to excel and continue to grow in their careers and businesses.

An ode to legacy

Legacy is the ladder left for the next generation. We are creating a platform for prosperity and a branch to legacy through empowerment, funding & education. Our goal is to assist in the equitable allocation of knowledge, wisdom, opportunity, funding and financial education for women and under-served communities.


The Saint Aymes Family